MotoGP, Honda secures 2016 Constructor Title in Valencia


Marc Marquez fantastic 2nd place today at the Grand Prix de la Comunitat Valenciana has gifted Honda the 2016 MotoGP Manufacturers’ title 5828792e661326-24009914in their 50th Anniversary in the Premier Class. Honda’s 22nd Premier-class Constructor title has been claimed thanks to the points earned by four of their riders, a coral team-effort in the best spirit of the Constructor Championship.

2016 Honda’s results valid for the Constructor World Championship

9 x 1st

5 x Marc Marquez (Argentina, Americas, Germany, Aragon, Japan)

2 x Cal Crutchlow (Brno, Australia)

1 x Dani Pedrosa (San Marino)

1 x Jack Miller (Netherland)

4 x 2nd

3 x Marc Marquez (Italy, Catalunya, Valencia)

1 x Cal Crutchlow (UK)

2 x 3rd

Marc Marquez (Qatar, Jerez)

1 x 4th

Dani Pedrosa (France)

1 x 5th

Marc Marquez (Austria)

1 x 8th

Jack Miller (Malaysia)

22 Honda Premier Class Constructor World Championships

1966   500cc (RC181 four-stroke)

1983   500cc (NS500 two-stroke)

1984   500cc (NS500/NSR500 two-strokes)

1985   500cc (NS500/NSR500 two-strokes)

1989   500cc (NSR500 two-stroke)

1992   500cc (NSR500 two-stroke)

1994   500cc (NSR500 two-stroke)

1995   500cc (NSR500 two-stroke)

1996   500cc (NSR500 two-stroke)

1997   500cc (NSR500 two-stroke)

1998   500cc (NSR500 two-stroke)

1999   500cc (NSR500 two-stroke)

2001   500cc (NSR500 two-stroke)

2002   MotoGP (RC211V four-stroke)

2003   MotoGP (RC211V four-stroke)

2004   MotoGP (RC211V four-stroke)

2006   MotoGP (RC211V four-stroke)

2011   MotoGP (RC212V four-stroke)

2012   MotoGP (RC213V four-stroke)

2013   MotoGP (RC213V four-stroke)

2014   MotoGP (RC213V four-stroke)

2016   MotoGP (RC213V four-stroke)

Honda tops the rankings of most successful Manufacturer ever with 65 titles over ALL CLASSES

22 x MotoGP/500cc Constructor World Championship

6  x 350cc Constructor World Championship

19 x 250cc Constructor World Championship

16 x Moto3/125cc Constructor World Championship

2 x 50cc Constructor World Championship